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Third-party inspection of quality systems and product certification

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DBI Certification offers third-party inspection of your quality management system (QMS). We act as an inspection agency of quality systems for ABA, AGA, ARS, AVA, ABV-T as well as ABV-M according to DBI Guideline 001 (in Danish). We also act as an inspection agency of quality systems according to DBI Guideline 010-2 (in Danish) for electrical thermography.

We are a notified body under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and accredited for national product certification including alarm and security equipment. Get the full overview of product certifications.

We are a newly created subsidiary of DBI Denmark's centre of excellence for fire and security, with both domestic and international customers.

DBI Certification is a professional, competent certification partner with a high level of quality and service and short delivery times.

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"Third-party inspection" covers initial inspection and continous inspection.

New rules for CE marking of fire doors

Quick guide!
Understand the new EU rules for CE marking of fire doors and know what you need to do. DBI Certification will guide you through.

Expand your market potential

By getting your product certified, you have a better opportunity to gain greater market share and enter new markets.

Product certification - what to do

Do you need to have a product ceritified? DBI Certification has made it simple. Have a look at this workflow overview